advanced linux sound architecture

The ALC883 series 7.1+2 Channel High Definition Audio (HDA) codecs are
compliant  with Microsoft's  UAA (Universal  Audio  Architecture). The
ALC883 series provide 10  DAC channels that simultaneously support 7.1
sound  playback, plus 2  channels of  independent stereo  sound output
(multiple streaming) through the  front panel stereo output.  Flexible
mixing,  mute, and  fine  gain control  functions  provide a  complete
integrated  audio  solution  for  home  entertainment  PCs.   A  modem
(modulator-demodulator) is  a device that modulates  an analog carrier
signal  to encode  digital information,  and also  demodulates  such a
carrier signal to  decode the transmitted information. The  goal is to
produce  a  signal that  can  be  transmitted  easily and  decoded  to
reproduce the original digital data. Modems can be used over any means
of  transmitting analog  signals,  from driven  diodes  to radio.   In
electronics,  modulation  is  the  process  of  varying  one  or  more
properties of  a high frequency periodic waveform,  called the carrier
signal, with respect to a modulating signal. This is done in a similar
fashion as a musician may modulate a tone (a periodic waveform) from a
musical instrument by varying its volume, timing and pitch.