RMS + lomograph

A  Lomograph holds  a charm  all of  its own.  Somehow,  everything is
amplified, making  ordinary objects stand out,  enhancing details that
would normally go  unnoticed. Characterised by ever-changing variables
such as  the mysterious  vignettes that frame  the shot,  light leaks,
lo-fi  grain, beautiful  blurs, the  magical balance  of  contrast and
saturation  just to name  a few.   A combination  these factors  and a
healthy  touch  of  the  unexpected  go  into  making  each  Lomograph
unique. Essentially, Lomography embraces  the element of surprise that
only analogue film photography can bring and wholeheartedly celebrates
the  outcome.   Experiment with  different  kinds  of  films, and  try
different  tips and  techniques, such  as cross-processing  (x-pro) it
works well with Lomographic cameras!