rmic – The Java RMI Compiler


rmic [ options ] package-qualified-class-name(s)


The  rmic compiler generates  stub and  skeleton class  files (JRMP
protocol) and stub  and tie class files (IIOP  protocol) for remote
objects. These  classes files are generated from  compiled Java pro
gramming  language classes  that are  remote  object implementation
classes.  A remote implementation  class is a class that implements
the interface java.rmi.Remote. The  class names in the rmic command
must be for  classes that have been compiled  successfully with the
javac  command and must  be fully  package qualified.

A  skeleton for  a remote  object  is a  JRMP protocol  server-side
entity that has a method that dispatches calls to the actual remote
object implementation.

A tie  for a  remote object  is a server-side  entity similar  to a
skeleton,  but which communicates  with the  client using  the IIOP

A  stub  is  a client-side  proxy  for  a  remote object  which  is
responsible for communicating method invo cations on remote objects
to  the  server  where  the  actual  remote  object  implementation
resides.  A  client's reference to  a remote object,  therefore, is
actually a reference to a local stub.

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