bubble sort testing… 0.00007 Ver — 8000 No.'s related

$time php bubble.php

real	0m30.911s
user	0m28.362s
sys	0m0.268s
$time php bubble.php

real	0m32.206s
user	0m29.726s
sys	0m0.208s
$time php bubble.php

real	0m30.047s
user	0m28.366s
sys	0m0.220s
$time php bubble.php

real	0m30.306s
user	0m28.226s
sys	0m0.248s
$time php bubble.php

real	0m29.819s
user	0m28.258s
sys	0m0.252s
$time php bubble.php

real	0m30.567s
user	0m28.598s
sys	0m0.244s
$time php bubble.php

real	0m30.386s
user	0m28.322s
sys	0m0.264s

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