reportbug tool

commandline session

$ 4.2.36 8 508---> reportbug --debug
Please enter the name of the package in which you have found a problem, or type 'other' to report a more
general problem.
> testing
*** Welcome to reportbug.  Use ? for help at prompts. ***
Note: bug reports are publicly archived (including the email address of the submitter).
Detected character set: UTF-8
Please change your locale if this is incorrect.

Using 'Jeffrin Jose Thalakkottoor ' as your from address.
Getting status for testing...
No matching source or binary packages.
A package named "testing" does not appear to be installed; do you want to search for a similar-looking filename
in an installed package [Y|n|q|?]? n
Getting available info for testing...
Please enter the version of the package this report applies to (blank OK)
> 1.1
Will send report to Debian (per lsb_release).
Querying Debian BTS for reports on testing (source)...
No bug reports found.

Briefly describe the problem (max. 100 characters allowed). This will be the bug email subject, so keep the
summary as concise as possible, for example: "fails to send email" or "does not start with -q option specified"
(enter Ctrl+c to exit reportbug without reporting a bug).
> testing
How would you rate the severity of this problem or report?

1 critical        makes unrelated software on the system (or the whole system) break, or causes serious data
                  loss, or introduces a security hole on systems where you install the package.
2 grave           makes the package in question unusable by most or all users, or causes data loss, or
                  introduces a security hole allowing access to the accounts of users who use the package.
3 serious         is a severe violation of Debian policy (that is, the problem is a violation of a 'must' or
                  'required' directive); may or may not affect the usability of the package. Note that non-
                  severe policy violations may be 'normal,' 'minor,' or 'wishlist' bugs. (Package maintainers
                  may also designate other bugs as 'serious' and thus release-critical; however, end users
                  should not do so.). For the canonical list of issues worthing a serious severity you can
                  refer to this webpage: .
4 important       a bug which has a major effect on the usability of a package, without rendering it completely
                  unusable to everyone.
5 does-not-build  a bug that stops the package from being built from source. (This is a 'virtual severity'.)
6 normal          a bug that does not undermine the usability of the whole package; for example, a problem with
                  a particular option or menu item.
7 minor           things like spelling mistakes and other minor cosmetic errors that do not affect the core
                  functionality of the package.
8 wishlist        suggestions and requests for new features.

Please select a severity level: [normal] 7
Do any of the following apply to this report?

1 d-i       This bug is relevant to the development of debian-installer.
2 ipv6      This bug affects support for Internet Protocol version 6.
3 l10n      This bug reports a localization/internationalization issue.
4 lfs       This bug affects support for large files (over 2 gigabytes).
5 patch     You are including a patch to fix this problem.
6 upstream  This bug applies to the upstream part of the package.
7 none

Please select tags: (one at a time) [none]
Spawning sensible-editor...
No changes were made in the editor.
Report will be sent to Jeffrin Jose Thalakkottoor 
Submit this report on testing (e to edit) [y|n|a|c|E|i|l|m|p|q|d|t|s|?]? y
Report is unchanged. Edit this report or quit [E|q|s|?]? s
Sending empty report anyway...
Connecting to via SMTP...
SMTP send failure: Connection unexpectedly closed: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer. Do you want to retry
(or else save the report and exit)? [Y|n|q|?]?

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