grep prints the matching lines – First Character ^

$ 4.2.36 7 507---> grep  ^S resume.txt
Self Study and Consulting.
Software Engineer.
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, 1996-2000
$ 4.2.36 8 508---> grep  ^A resume.txt
August 2007 to present.
Address: 12/214C Papali Road Vazhakkala. Kakkanad West.
$ 4.2.36 9 509---> grep  ^J resume.txt
July 2005 - June 2007
$ 4.2.36 10 510---> grep  ^N resume.txt
Name:Jeffrin Jose
$ 4.2.36 11 511---> cat resume.txt
Name:Jeffrin Jose

E-Mail Address(s):

descriptive phrase: engineer.


Directing passion to path of knowledge and self realisation.

Project Work (B.E)

Developing of a FTP client/server Model With Kerberos support On GNU/Linux.


Project member .
1. GNU source installer.

2. Contributor at Linux Kernel

3. Founder at  Beautiful Work

Freelance Consultant

[ 2000 - 2002 ]

1. Installing. Debugging .Configuration of GNU/Linux and other free software stack applications.
2. Good understanding of operating systems concepts -- File systems. Networking. Linux kernel.
3. Understanding of Linux source code structure and ability to build patches from sources.
4. Ability to troubleshoot issues without physical access to systems.
5. Ability to read logs and debug information.

February 2004 - June 2005
Worked as a Scientific Assistant at Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology.

1. Deployment of MOSIX/Openmosix clusters.
2. Deployment of NFS and NIS  systems.
3. Deployment of Thin clients with XDMCP support.
4. Deployment of SSH remote administration system.
5. Generation of multiboot environment among windows and UNIX Flavours.
6. Project Guidance for students.
7. Handled an academic Paper on "Multimedia Systems".

July 2005 - June 2007
Self Study and Consulting.

1.Learning in using GNU and other Free Software Tool Chains.

Technical Assistant. Cochin University Of Science And Technology [ For 60 days ].

2. x86 Hardware repair and maintanance.

August 2007 to present.

Software Engineer.
Rajagiri Vidaypeetham Research Center.
Rajagiri School Of Engineering and Technology

1. Deployment and maintanence of Solaris and Active directory Integration.
2. Advanced project lab setup using Debian GNU/Linux and Sun Solaris.
3. Experiance in SunFire V490 administration.
4. Experiance in Sun StorEdge 3300 administration.
5. General Unix support.
6. Manage Podcast servers.
7. Linux Multimedia Development for Podcast.
8. Linux router and firewall development using shorewall.
9. Testing THIN clients by creating NFS ROOT mounts.
10.Deployment Of OpenLDAP PXE NFS TFTP DCHP Enabled Thin Clients.
11.Documentation work using LaTex.
12. Simple Linux Router Development.

Education :

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, 1996-2000
Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering
Bharathiar University.

Personal Details:

DOB 31.12 1976
Landline . +91-484-2423949.
Mobile Phone. 98955804100.
Address: 12/214C Papali Road Vazhakkala. Kakkanad West.
Kerala. India.
industry of previous Employer: Education
areas of expertise: software engineering.
job Level: 5+ years experience

$ 4.2.36 12 512--->

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