vmstat . more on virtual memory statistics

commandline session

$vmstat -s
      1995396 K total memory
      1197836 K used memory
       599976 K active memory
       483048 K inactive memory
       797560 K free memory
        49620 K buffer memory
       648028 K swap cache
      5843964 K total swap
            0 K used swap
      5843964 K free swap
       261891 non-nice user cpu ticks
          534 nice user cpu ticks
        68515 system cpu ticks
      1118198 idle cpu ticks
        17369 IO-wait cpu ticks
            0 IRQ cpu ticks
         2940 softirq cpu ticks
            0 stolen cpu ticks
       629227 pages paged in
       700676 pages paged out
            0 pages swapped in
            0 pages swapped out
      5625600 interrupts
     14181960 CPU context switches
   1372693030 boot time
         5917 forks


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