Crash: glibc: compile from upstream source related

Log Report Related

the following content may not be accurate.

1. unable to find getty program  upstream source.
2. need to get libc-2.14 for getty.
3. trying to upgrade another system to get libc-2.14
4. is it possible to get multiple versions of glibc installed
on a same system.
compile another version of glibc and just take the necessary
files and copy into into may be /lib
5. a new method of installing package using apt-get
apt-get install libc6-dev=2.17-7
apt-show-versions -a -p libc6

Debug Methods

1. update LD_LIBRARY_PATH with the old and new path of libraries installed
2. use debian disc wit rescue mode and try to fix libraries
with matching versions of libraries with new glibc
3. add proper symlinks for the new libraries under glibc
4. try to make a separate installation of debian in another(may be swap
of the crashed debian ) and try to chroot to crashed debian root
and try to fix the errors.
5. try to find out where to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH by default automatically.
6. if chroot is success related, then try to apt-get upgrade the crashed
debian so that it may fix other errors automatically.

Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

Connected From This

In   computing,   an   Advanced  Programmable   Interrupt
Controller   (APIC)  is   a  more   complex  Programmable
Interrupt  Controller (PIC)  than Intel's  original types
such  as  the 8259A.  APIC  devices  permit more  complex
priority  models, and  Advanced  IRQ (Interrupt  Request)

In computing,  a programmable interrupt  controller (PIC)
is a  device that is  used to combine several  sources of
interrupt  onto one  or  more CPU  lines, while  allowing
priority   levels  to  be   assigned  to   its  interrupt
outputs. When  the device has  multiple interrupt outputs
to  assert, it  will assert  them in  the order  of their
relative priority

source :

Kernel Panic….

Call Trace:  {panic+483}
{_spin_lock_irqsave+ 9}
       {do_exit+141} {kernel_math_error+0}
       <fffffff80269ece}{spin_lock_irqsave+9} {printk+82}
       {error_exit+0} {vgacon_cursor+0}
       {__do_IRQ+154} {do_IRQ+60}
(3) astrax:/home/pgperez>
(3) astrax:/home/pgperez> cat error
       {__do_IRQ+154} {do_IRQ+60}

link :